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chocolates truffles


Give in to the silent temptation of Bizu's chocolate truffles, lovingly made by hand using only the finest ingredients. Every bite is as delicious as the sweetest kiss.

 Premium flavors: Antoinette, Arabella, Calamansi Zing, Caramella, Hazel, Orangine, Raspberry Vodka, Roca, Rose, Champagne, Spearmint and Tiramisu.

Sugarfree flavors: Sesame and Coffee, Dominique, Macadamia Honey, Green Tea

Per Piece:    P 65

Box of 4:     P 260

Box of 6:     P 390

Box of 12:   P 780

  • Rose Champagne Rose Champagne
    Rose champagne, dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate couverture
  • Roca Roca
    Dark chocolate ganache, caramel, crushed almonds
  • Raspberry Vodka Raspberry Vodka
    Raspberry puree, white chocolate ganache, vodka liqueur
  • Hazelnut Hazelnut
    Hazelnut praline, croquantine wafer, milk chocolate ganache
  • Caramella Caramella
    Fleur de Sel de Camargue, caramel, dark chocolate couverture
  • Antoinette Antoinette
    Pistachio cream, white chocolate ganache, white chocolate couverture, crushed pistachio
  • Macadamia Honey Macadamia Honey
    (sugarless)  Macadamia nuts, dark chocolate ganache, acacia honey
  • Dominique Dominique
    (sugarless)  Dark chocolate ganache, dark chocolate couverture