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french gateaux

Indulge in the perfect harmony of flavor and texture in each of our European inspired specialties. Made with layers of smooth delicate mousses, nuts, cream and other delightful surprises, our sophisticated creations will satisfy even the most discriminating palate.

Round Cake:  Personal 3.5" diameter   Midi 6" diameter   Grande 9" diameter

*Our Grande Cakes are available for special orders only.

  • Sticky Date Cake Sticky Date Cake

    Try something new with the Sticky Date Cake. It’s something thrilling to share with your loved ones and something new to discover. This moist cake is glazed with cherries, dried dates, cranberries, pineapple, pistachios and is topped with luscious white chocolate.


  • Ginger Bread Cake Ginger Bread Cake

    You know it’s Christmas when the smell of gingerbread begins to fill the air. Bizu turns a Christmas favorite into an unforgettable experience with the latest from our collection. The Ginger Bread Cake is filled with the goodness of  ginger, nutmeg, dried cranberries and cinnamon frosting.


  • Carrot Walnut Cake Carrot Walnut Cake

    Make the freshest memories with our new Carrot Walnut Cake. It reminds you of your grandmother’s cooking with the right blend of carrots, walnuts and cream cheese frosting.


  • White Truffle Honey Cake White Truffle Honey Cake
    Make it a White Christmas with our White Truffle Honey Cake. A rich combination of truffle and honey in between layers of moist white chocolate cake, topped with sliver chocolate pearls.

    P295 / P1,100
  • Mango Soleil Mango Soleil
    Refreshing Layers of Mango Mousse with Almond Dacquoise, Genoise Sponge Cake, Coconut Cream and Crisp White Chocolate Croquantine

    P295 / P756 / P1,665
  • Yoga Yoga
    Passionfruit, yogurt and lemon custard in between layers of sable and genoise sponge.

    P195 / P625 / P1,255
  • Tiramisu Tiramisu
    A layer of an exquisite coffee liqueur blend in between bands of chocolate cake and Mascarpone cheese, sprayed with pure cocoa liqueur.

    P225 / P635 / P1,330
  • Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Shortcake
    Soft genoise sponge in between layers of strawberries and Chantilly cream.

    P295 / P995 / P2,995
  • Samba Samba
    A combination of milk and dark chocolate mousse between layers of chocolate cake and coated with our own brilliant homemade chocolate sauce

    P235 / P710 / P1,435
  • Roca Roca
    Tempting layers of caramel and Madagascar vanilla custard surrounded by dark chocolate ganache, topped with Bizu's very own chocolate glaze and almond praline sprinkle.

    P365 / P785 / P1,795
  • Opera Opera
    A classic gateau of sponge cake with coffee butter cream and dark chocolate ganache.

    P175 / P675 / P1.025
  • Nirvana Nirvana
    A blend of caramel chocolate mousse and pistachio cream on a bed of crisp chocolate crunch and chocolate cake covered with our brilliant homemade chocolate sauce.

    P235 / P945 / P1,805
  • Naomi Sugarless Naomi Sugarless
    A combination of sugarless milk and dark chocolate mousse in between layers of chocolate cake sprayed with cocoa liqueur.

    P275 / P735 / P1.430
  • Jolie Sugarless & Flourless Jolie Sugarless & Flourless
    Sugarless and flourless chocolate Kahlua mousse cake with hazelnuts and special chiboust cream.

    P295 / P795 / P1,735
  • Fresh Strawberry Chiboust Fresh Strawberry Chiboust
    Classic French-style cheesecake topped with seasonal strawberries drenched in our very own light syrup.

    P275 / P1,050 / 2,385
  • Fresh Mango Chiboust Fresh Mango Chiboust
    Luscious fresh mango crowns our most famous French-style cheesecake.

    P195 / P810 / P1,515
  • Blueberry Chiboust Blueberry Chiboust
    The creamiest cheesecake delight topped with blueberry filling on Bizu's special shortbread crust.

    P185 / P615 / P1,215
  • Amour Amour
    Orange chocolate mousse in between layers of creme brulee and brownie.

    P225 / P925 / P1,810